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October 17, 2010
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Mulan 10 - The Hero of China by LPDisney Mulan 10 - The Hero of China by LPDisney
~~~ Disney Moments: Mulan – The Hero of China ~~~
(Created 10.10)

It’s amazing how life always catches you off guard. Well, maybe that’s also because I usually put my family and friends’ matters before my own. Long story short I barely found the time to finish this and even when I did find a few spare hours yesterday, I was really pushing myself cause for some reason I just didn’t feel like working on it. Guess I’m going over my “artist’s block” period now. It happens every few months or so, and I usually take a break only to come back with more great ideas and the muse to do them.

How will this affect my “Disney Moments” series…? Hmmmm…. Guess I’ll take a break for a week or two, I have too many things to do anyway (oh ya…. I’m flying to California for 6 weeks, will write a journal about that later).
BUT fear not! Many more wonderful Disney Moments are on the way (made a list and was shocked myself of the amount, why do I always get carried away with these things? Is it because it’s such fun to do and am I just an obsessed person? Or both? :-) ).

For the background btw I used reference again and A LOT of duplicates. Ha ha! Think I have time to draw all those lamps in the crowd? That’s why they invented the “copy-paste”. So ya, a few brush strokes, a bunch of copies, some blurs, smudges and ta-dam! Liron drew yet another one…. Geesh…

And here we are again with my (boring?) life stories:


I read about Mulan the first time in a Disney book about all the movies up until Hercules (can’t remember the name of the book… going over all my books…. Damn… where did I see it? And how come I’m MISSING a Disney book?). Anyway, it was on one of the few last pages under “future projects” and there was one concept art there of Mulan on her horse next to a tree on a cliff. There was a short synopsis there about a girl who dresses up as a man and got to the army. I remember going “WHA? This sounds like a really stupid plot, did Disney ran out of stories to tell?”

And then Disney did their magic and BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!

I think that Mulan is one of the strongest, deepest and most touching Disney movie ever made. I must admit Mulan took time to grow on me, don’t know why really, but today it’s in my top 5, no doubt.

Mulan is more than a fairy tale or a fantasy. It’s a really deep and hard story about sacrifice and the power of will and going against society’s rules and really fighting for oneself. I relate to Mulan is so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. I will tell you that even today when I find myself in tough situations, physical or mental, I tell myself “if Mulan could do it, I can do it” and I somehow find the strength to carry on. That’s how deep this movie has affected my life.

I was deliberating between 2 scenes; this one and the one where she takes off her makeup and you see her face half and half (GOD! That scene just blew me off the first time I saw it!). But I eventually ended up with the ending scene when Mulan gets her recognition because, well, first because I was looking for a “hair blowing in the wind” scene (I warned you) and second because of my friend and I will explain:

I usually make my friends to watch all of Disney movies. When Mulan came out on VHS (btw, the last VHS I bought was Tarzan’s) I told my good friend (we go way back) that she just has to see it. We were watching the movie in my room (we were 18) on my TV and were really focused in the film (cause it’s such a damn good film).
Then when the movie got to the moment when Mulan was turning around to see the entire crowd bowing to her, my friend suddenly said “What an honor” (or something like that) and I turned my head to find my good friend drowning in her own tears! I was kinda shocked but smiled with pride, cause YES!!! That’s how great classic Disney movies should be! Of course we had to pause for a sec, so she could get her acts together, but I will never forget that moment and that’s why I picked this specific scene to remind me of that.

All in all, Mulan is an amazing movie (ditching Mushu and Cricky, adding a kiss at the end and making Shang take off his hair band… why did I have to wait for the sequel for that one????). During the last few years with my new obsession with Japan and Asians and Kung Fu (6 years) Mulan has really became one of my favorites. So I hope my creation will give strength and courage to others the way Mulan gave to me.

Thank you for listening and viewing my work.
Your humble servant,

I guess a couple of hours for the rough and cleanup and couple of hours+ for the coloring…
URG! I need to go to a deserted island for a month just so I can find the time to draw!

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Just too Great! Like the last scene of the Mulan Movie!
She has the praying to the ancestors, like after she defeated the Huns!
Great Job, makes me want this as the final ending of the movie! XD
The Brooche and the face what appeals to me the most! I just hope that she thinks that she has a feeling of 'My ancestors, families and relatives, I've fulfilled China's reputy and restored peace to everyone! I hope that I will still get blessed by everyone and hope you all will watch over me... Now the battle is really all over...'
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Wow you're so good!
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I just love that movie SO much... *sigh* Good times, good times.... =) (Smile) 
BlackNRoses Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
So nice!
BlackNRoses Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
I forgot to add: it's well drawn and proportionate and it makes sense with the setting. I like it!
SpringRose9 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
I LOVE THIS! It makes me smile with such happiness! Mulan is such an amazing movie; it really lives up to the Disney name! :D
Ladyshion Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
KentaGlitch17 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
JUST!!!!! TOOOOOOO GREAT! I LUV IT!!! Looks like the scene where she's just saved China and then that's where it ends where she just looks up to the sky, praying to the ancestors saying 'My ancestors, I have protected everyone! Please look over me!'

Great!!! Mega Luv!!!
Lyokofan97 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
i love this collection!
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I love Mushu!
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